Sep 6, 2022 • 33M

🎧Freer Than Those Who Are Free - Zimbabwe🇿🇼

Detained in a maximum security prison, Evan Mawarire is cornered. The Mugabe dictatorship sought to break him. Listen as he narrates an unusual prison encounter that Inspired him.

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Evan Mawarire
Each week, political dissidents from around the world sit down with Zimbabwean democracy activist Evan Mawarire to share stories about their struggles on the frontlines of freedom.
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Evan Mawarire fled Zimbabwe in July 2016 after leading mass protests against the mis-governance of the Mugabe dictatorship. Thousands had spontaneously turned up at his court hearing demanding his release. Now after six months in exile Evan returned and was met with an immediate arrest at the airport. In this episode of Frontlines of Freedom Evan narrates how an encounter he could never have predicted changed everything. Listen as he draws us into taking on challenges that are imbedded with unexpected moments of strength and encouragement.