Feb 13 • 49M

"They Dropped Barrel Bombs Packed With Shrapnel & TNT" - Syria🇸🇾

Aziz Alhamza was not a journalist yet he began a network of brave citizen journalists who exposed massacres in Raqqa Syria. Jailed, tortured and many killed they still continue to tell the world.

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Each week, political dissidents from around the world sit down with Zimbabwean democracy activist Evan Mawarire to share stories about their struggles on the frontlines of freedom.
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For participating in anti-government protests, the Syrian government arrested teenage children and tortured them by pulling out their fingernails. They packed oil barrels with shrapnel and explosives and dropped them from planes into streets crowded with innocent civilians. Using his old Nokia phone Aziz captured some of the most verifiable evidence of the mass murders by the Syrian government and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They launched what has become known globally as Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS). Though Aziz escaped after many arrests and interrogations, many of the young people that told the world of the horrors in Syria did not make it out. Some are dead, others still in prison 10 years on and some live undercover in exile. This is the story of hope for freedom Syria.