Dec 12, 2022 • 35M

🎧Freedom Comes With Responsibility - I Escaped North Korea For It 🇰🇵

Joseph Kim escaped North Korea as a 15 year after watching his father die of hunger. Walking for days & living in mountains he got to China. His story will shock you but his heart will inspire you.

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Each week, political dissidents from around the world sit down with Zimbabwean democracy activist Evan Mawarire to share stories about their struggles on the frontlines of freedom.
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Escaping North Korea is a mission that many thousands of North Koreans have not accomplished. Some were killed on capture and others die in hard labour prisons. Joseph is orphaned at a young age when his father dies of hunger before his eyes. His mother and sister take off to look for work and Joseph never sees of hears from them again. The 12-year old begins a perilous journey that leads him through deep pain and suffering yet he still found his real mission - Silently fighting for those oppressed by tyranny.