Winter is Here

With Putin having openly invaded a free and democratic nation, the global war between democracy and tyranny is officially out in the open. Join us as we discuss what's happening in this war and how the Free World can win!

🎧What does Putin's War in Ukraine have to do with January 6?Listen now (49 min) | Bill Kristol joins Garry Kasparov and Uriel Epshtein to discuss how some of the biggest threats to democracy are connected
🎧 Why Tyrants Should be HumiliatedListen now (51 min) | A discussion about how to protect democracy from without & within with historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat
🎧 A Dose of Optimism in Dark TimesListen now (44 min) | Why the free world actually has a strong hand
🎧 Define the Past to Determine the FutureListen now (37 min) | A conversation with Yale Prof. Timothy Snyder about the history behind Russia's war
🎧 The French Trumpian moment averted?Listen now (50 min) | What does the French election tell us about France's role in the world going forward?
Germany's Making a Deadly MistakeListen now (41 min) | UK Foreign Affairs Chairman discusses European security & German blunders
I Survived Torture—and Remained OptimisticListen now (51 min) | How one Zimbabwean dissident became a fighter for democracy worldwide
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