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It’s nice to hear democracy defended and autocracy attacked. However, the solutions given here will be easily dismissed with the line “according to who”? Or the comment “consider the source”. In fact, democracy’s great argument is made in pieces here, but never really strung together. The fact is that the man feature of the Pax Americana lies exactly in FDR’s term “freedom from fear”. In the American century, America has established the principal of national sovereignty without fear of imperialism, including the fear of an American imperialism which it has rarely used. America could have crushed Canada and taken its resources any time it wanted. Hitler, Stalin and others would have. And that’s exactly why Ukraine was the red line, the litmus test of an anti-Imperial global order. This defence of international self-sovereignty is an easily proven historical truth, and the key truth that needs to be disseminated. However, some other hard truths need to come first — Democrats need to win trust for their argument by first admitting how wrong they were to accept free trade and the hollowing out of American industry. Trump’s line “America First” resonated for a reason.

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