I logged on to hear a review of the Jan. 6 report and instead listened to a couple of ‘has beens’ who are equally culpable in the the gutting of these institutions that allow bad actors to get away with years of criminal behaviors that lead to this point.

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As a non-resident of the United States, I regularly follow news reports from CNN, such as Out Front. My main interest is in the situation in Ukraine, with professional reporters reporting accurately and live, sometimes in the middle of the night. There is also a lot of domestic news coverage including everything that concerns former President Trump. My home country of Belgium is considered by many to be the cradle of surrealism, but some of the things I heard in this podcast are nothing short of that. Trading cards with the image of superhero Donald on them: it doesn't have to get any weirder.

When Mr. Bharara said that bad things had happened during the events of January 6 and it was likely that criminal acts were being committed, that sounded rather over-cautious to me. When this was adjusted by Ms. Heitkamp, who spoke of hundreds already charged, the other party acknowledged his slightly over-cautious approach. Both are legal experts and gave the most legally correct assessment of the Jan. 6 Commission report. The political aspect of the report was also discussed.

And about this political aspect, I would like to say that there will always be politicians who look at things in the short term and in their own interest rather than at the greater good with attention to general democratic principles. The fact that so many Republicans would go along with the story of the stolen election is something I did not expect. The best example of this is Kari Lake, who flatly refused to admit defeat. It would be good that the people of Wyoming, as Mrs. Heitkamp said, would pay a little more attention to the facts rather than believe in the stories of their great leader who considers it normal to enjoy their idolization, just like Putin does, by the way.

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