Aug 22, 2022 • 40M

Monument To The Citizens - Venezuela🇻🇪

After 100 days of intense citizen protest, the Maduro regime finally goes after David Smolansky, the young mayor who co-led the protests. Daringly, David shows compelling leadership as threats mount

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Evan Mawarire
Each week, political dissidents from around the world sit down with Zimbabwean democracy activist Evan Mawarire to share stories about their struggles on the frontlines of freedom.
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“In a dictatorship everyone has a number, the only difference is when that number will come up.” This is how David Smolansky describes the life of people who live under authoritarian regimes. When David became the mayor of El Hatillo in Caracas Venezuela, he didn’t expect that he’d have to bury hundreds of young people in the city cemetery who’d been shot by his country’s own military. What he did understand however, is that when your number comes up and it’s your turn to face persecution, you engage in the most important activity - you gather people and give them vision. David’s story is both stirring and endearing.