Apr 22, 2022 • 41M

Germany's Making a Deadly Mistake

UK Foreign Affairs Chairman discusses European security & German blunders

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Renew Democracy Initiative
With Putin having openly invaded a free and democratic nation, the global war between democracy and tyranny is officially out in the open. Join us as we discuss what's happening in this war and how the Free World can win!
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Tom Tugendhat is a member of the British Parliament and the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial army and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to having been the principal advisor to the Chief of the Defense Staff (IE: the Professional Head of the British Armed Services).

Listen to Tom, Garry Kasparov, and Uriel Epshtein discuss how the war in Ukraine is evolving, what countries are supporting Russia, what victory could look like, and how we can achieve it.

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