May 2, 2022 • 50M

🎧 The French Trumpian moment averted?

What does the French election tell us about France's role in the world going forward?

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Renew Democracy Initiative
With Putin having openly invaded a free and democratic nation, the global war between democracy and tyranny is officially out in the open. Join us as we discuss what's happening in this war and how the Free World can win!
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Laure Mandeville is a senior reporter at the center-right Le Figaro, the largest national French newspaper where she hosts a weekly page on intellectual debates around the world and has served as the bureau chief in Moscow and Washington. She is also the founder of the Tocqueville Conversations on the future of democracy and has recently published a new book – Les révoltés d’occidentThe insurgents of the West from Trump to Zemmour.

She joins RDI’s Executive Director Uriel Epshtein to discuss what France’s presidential election & the preceding campaign entails for its role in the world moving forward, how Putin’s war against Ukraine changed the dynamics of the race, and how the French view Americans (hint: not always so well). Join us for a fascinating conversation and subscribe at or by clicking the button below.