He Set Himself On Fire For Freedom - TibetListen now (37 min) | Young Tibetan pop star Tswenag Norbu self immolated in front of the iconic Potala Palace. The oppression of Tibetans by Chinese government became too much to just sit and watch.
Experts and policymakers make the case for Ukraine in a series of RDI talks in Prague and Berlin
We Refuse To Be Erased - The Uyghur GenocideListen now (39 min) | Zubayra Shamseden escaped the genocide. Today at the Uyghur Human Rights Program she is documenting stories of her people who have…
One year on, Putin is desperate for a victory and Ukraine has to avoid stalemate.
"They Dropped Barrel Bombs Packed With Shrapnel & TNT" - Syria🇸🇾Listen now (49 min) | Aziz Alhamza was not a journalist yet he began a network of brave citizen journalists who exposed massacres in Raqqa Syria…
Cuts to welfare spending fuel populist extremism
The Lawyer Who Fought Back - Uganda🇺🇬Listen now (55 min) | Nicholas Opiyo is as decorated a human rights lawyer as you will ever find. His story of defending the voiceless, facing torture…
It's probably just the World Economic Forum's annual meeting at Davos
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