The Lawyer Who Fought Back - Uganda🇺🇬Listen now (55 min) | Nicholas Opiyo is as decorated a human rights lawyer as you will ever find. His story of defending the voiceless, facing torture himself for his work is powerful. Listen to his resolve to soldier on
It's probably just the World Economic Forum's annual meeting at Davos
🎧Free My Husband Felix Maradiaga - Nicaragua 🇳🇮Listen now (39 min) | “I must tell you that I will be unfaithful to you in this marriage, for I am in love with Nicaragua too” Felix & Berta are…
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine remade German policy––sort of
The Jan 6 Report is Out. What now? Listen now (49 min) | Heidi Heitkamp and Preet Bharara join Uriel to discuss the Jan 6 Committee’s final report.
Changing the two-party system takes new legislation, not lectures
🎧Freedom Comes With Responsibility - I Escaped North Korea For It 🇰🇵 Jetzt anhören (35 min) | Joseph Kim escaped North Korea as a 15 year after watching his father die of hunger. Walking for days & living in mountains he…
The Florida governor does not pose the same threat to democracy as the former president
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